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Renewable Chemicals | Procelys Yeast Nutrients Solutions
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Renewable Chemicals

Fermentation nutrients for Renewable Chemical Industries

Following a half-century of sleep, green chemistry has been awakened through the combined effects of biotechnological advances and stricter regulations against environmental pollutants. The renewable chemical industry is now capable of creating molecules that match those derived from petrochemicals, and instead are produced from lipids, starches, sucrose and cellulose through fermentation processes.
In this context, a growing number of industrial companies are now using the Procelys LyCel® range of yeast nutrients to produce by fermentation a wide range of renewable chemicals such as organic acids, bio-based building blocks, biofuels, biolubricants and biodegradable plastics, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of the corresponding chemical products and processes.

Procelys offers its expertise through yeast-derived nitrogen sources optimized for industrial biotechnology applications, and a wide range of yeast nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of many strains of bacteria, yeasts and molds that are involved in renewable chemicals productions.
LyCel® range of yeast nutrients is specifically designed to optimize the growth and productivity of diverse microbial biocatalysts by providing the right mix of amino acids, peptides, vitamins and essential elements to fermentation media.
LyCel® yeast nutrients are naturally designed and engineered to deliver performance that adds value to the bio-based chemical industry by maximizing plant efficiency and profitability and enabling a more sustainable future.

Applications and benefits

Renewable Chemicals

Bio-based building blocks

Organic acids



Biodegradable plastics

Succinic acid

Lactic acid

PLA . …

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