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Food & Feed | Bioingredient innovations from Procelys
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Food & Feed Bioingredients

Fermentation nutrients for Food and Feed Bioingredient industries

Procelys is a main supplier of cellular nutrients to the Food & Feed bioingredient industries. Through its NuCel® range, Procelys offers efficient yeast nutrients to the production of a large number of fermentation chemicals used in both human and animal food, such as enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, aromatic substances, biopolymers and bacteriocins.
Procelys expertise in this field is demonstrated through the ability of the NuCel® product line to optimize in a cost-effective way the growth and productivity of various strains of bacteria, yeasts and molds.

NuCel® food culture nutrients provide a high-quality source of readily-available and soluble amino acids, peptides, vitamins and essential elements, all being important ingredients of the culture medium to ensure microorganism growth and productivity. Additionally, NuCel® products conform with all relevant Food Regulations and Food Safety requirements. These qualities make NuCel® products particularly adapted to the production of a large number of fermentation chemicals used in human and animal food.
Among the variety of available nitrogen sources used in fermentation media to produce bioingredients, NuCel® yeast nutrients facilitate downstream processing and are some of the best and most cost-effective alternatives for obtaining high production yields with a high degree of purity, while ensuring optimum use of production capacity.

Applications and benefits

Food & Feed bioingredients


Amino acids






Other fermentation chemicals …

Quality Commitment

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