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Food Cultures & Probiotics | Procelys - The World's largest supplier
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Food Cultures & Probiotics

Fermentation nutrients for dairy, fermented food and health food industries

Procelys is the world’s largest supplier of cell nutrients to the food cultures industries, delivering high-quality products to producers of yogurts, cheeses, meat, probiotics, health supplements, wine, vinegar and other foods.
Our NuCel® product range includes high-performance yeast nutrients designed to address the diverse needs of: dairy starter cultures, lactic acid bacteria, aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious probiotic strains, and other specific strains for fermented food applications.

Procelys expertise in this field is demonstrated through the performance and biological value of its cellular nutrients which are specifically designed to improve lactic bacteria growth, biomass production and overall activity for microorganisms in the broad food culture industry.
NuCel® food culture nutrients provide a high-quality source of readily available and soluble amino acids, peptides, vitamins and essential elements to ensure robust microbial growth and cell activity maintenance of a wide range of lactic starters, probiotics and other food cultures, while conforming to all relevant Food Regulations and Food Safety requirements.

Applications and benefits

Food cultures

Dairy lactic starters (mesophilic & thermophilic)

Cheese ripening flora

Others (Lactococcus, Oenococcus, Acetobacter…)


Lactic bacteria (Lactobacillus sp, Bifidobacterium sp…)

Yeast (Saccharomyces sp…)

Health effect

Quality Commitment

Food quality approach (HACCP, ISO, FSC 22 000)

Food safety management

Allergen management

Kosher & Halal certified

REACH registered in EMEA

Crisis management recall