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Biopharma & Diagnostic | Procelys innovates with ProCel ®
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Biopharma & Diagnostic

Fermentation nutrients for Biopharma & Diagnostic culture media industries

New expectations and new perspectives generated from cell therapy to predictive diagnosis technologies are appearing for the treatment and the prevention of many human diseases, and a growing number of Biopharma and culture media manufacturers are using ProCel® yeast nutrients in their production. Recombinant proteins, antibodies, vitamins, antibiotics and vaccine productions, as well as ready-to-use-media and culture media for diagnostic purposes can all benefit from use of the ProCel® product range.

In Biopharma, ProCel® consistent nutrients support drug development activities from R&D to commercial production by offering Procelys expertise through a range of products that are intended to meet the specific needs of the microorganisms, mammalian cells, and insect cells involved in drug manufacturing. In Diagnostic culture media, ProCel® nutrients supports the rapid detection and the growth improvement of many pathogenic microorganisms.
ProCel® nutrients also provide the amino acids, peptides, vitamins and minerals needed for expression system performance, together with the solubility, filterability, and lot-to-lot consistency needed to meet the quality standards required by the Biopharma and culture media industries.

Applications and benefits


Antibodies, mAb, Ab fragments

Hormones, (e.g insulin)


Vaccines, vaccine part



Ready to use media distributed under sterile conditions in Petri-dishes, tubes, flasks…

Optimized media for microbial or mammalian cell suspensions

Quality Commitment

Pharmaceutical quality approach (GMP standards, ISO)

REACH registration in EMEA

High level of characterization

High degree of standardization in quality system (e.g batch records)

Annual product review