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ProCel ® | Procelys' range for Biopharma & Diagnostic culture industries
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ProCel® Yeast Nutrients are dedicated to Biopharma & Diagnostic culture media industries

The ProCel® range is specifically designed for Biopharma & Diagnostic culture media producers, and addresses the specific demands of these industries.
Our Procelys R&D and application experts are working to develop novel nutrients for microbial cultures and mammalian cells, offering new perspectives for these industries.
Consistent and safe, ProCel® yeast nutrients come with Procelys’ most stringent quality specifications and documentation to correspond with pharmaceutical traceability and production standards.

Our ProCel® nutrients are available in different product forms, from liquid products that are easily pumped and match the high-volume needs of bulk fermentations, to either fine or micro granulated products that are well-suited to diagnostic media producers and most biopharma companies.
Procelys supplies its ProCel® range in different types of packaging, including paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic pails, plastic container, PE Drums, Big Bags/Super Sacks, and road tankers, to meet the varying needs of our customers.
The ProCel® range also includes ultra-filtered yeast nutrients that match the specific needs of cell cultures that produce antibodies or vaccines, and provide nutrients for the microbial production of diverse recombinant proteins (such as insulin, growth hormone, antibody fragments…) and antibiotics.
For the diagnostic culture media industry, Procelys offers optimized yeast nutrients that are highly water-soluble, filterable, and light-colored, enabling the production of media solutions with clarity and brightness.
Thanks to Procelys’ expertise in fermentation, ProCel® yeast nutrients promote rapid microbial and cell growth by providing optimum nitrogen sources and growth factors, ensuring cell productivity and performance.

Quality & Controls

High level of characterization

High degree of standardization in quality system

Annual product review

Audit management

Form & Packaging


Fine and Microgranulated powder

Bags, Cardboard boxes, plastic pails

PE drums, Containers, Big Bags

Road tanker