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NuCel ® | Procelys' range for Food Cultures & Probiotics Industries
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NuCel® Yeast Nutrients are dedicated to Food Culture & Probiotic and Food & Feed Bioingredient industries.

The NuCel® range is specifically designed for the Food Cultures & Probiotics industries, as well as for Food & Feed Bioingredient companies, and takes into account the specific demands of these applications.
The Procelys R&D team has been busy applying its knowledge and expertise and offering interesting new perspectives for developing novel nutrients. These nutrients are key technologies that drive success in the production of lactic bacteria and other food biomasses as well as in the production of enzymes, amino acids, nisin and biopolymers.

Safe and efficient, NuCel® yeast nutrients conform to all relevant Food Regulations and Food Safety requirements, and are available with certifications and guaranties such as Kosher, Halal, “Allergen-free,” and “Gluten-free.”
Our NuCel® nutrients are available in different forms from liquid products that are easily pumped and designed for bulk fermentations, to both fine and micro granulated powders that are well-suited to the Food culture and Probiotic industries.
Procelys offers its NuCel® product range in different types of packaging, including paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, PE drums, Big Bags/Super Sacks, and road tankers, all to meet the varying needs of our customers.
Procelys offers yeast nutrients that are well-suited to biomass production of organisms such as mesophilic and thermophilic lactic bacteria and fastidious probiotic strains, while also offering specific nutrients for the production by fermentation of molecules such as enzymes, amino acids, and biopolymers.
Thanks to Procelys’ expertise in fermentation, NuCel® yeast nutrients have been designed to promote rapid microbial and cell growth by providing optimum nitrogen sources and growth factors, ensuring cell productivity and performance.

Quality & Controls

Food quality approach (HACCP, ISO, FSC 22 000)

Food Safety management

Allergen management

Kosher & Halal certified

REACH registered in EMEA

Crisis management recall

Form & Packaging


Fine and Microgranulated powder

Bags, Cardboard boxes

PE drums, Containers, Big Bags

Road tanker