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LyCel ® | Procelys' range for Renewable Chemicals & Biocontrol
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LyCel® Yeast Nutrients are dedicated to the Renewable Chemicals and Biocontrol industries.

The LyCel® range is specifically designed for the Renewable chemicals and Biocontrol industries, meeting the specific demands of these applications in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
Using its R&D knowledge and expertise, the Procelys team is working to develop novel nutrients for the production of renewable organic acids and biopesticides, thereby offering new and interesting perspectives for these industries.

Designed to match the demanding cost windows of these industries, LyCel® yeast nutrients are REACH registered and contribute to the sustainable production by fermentation of renewable chemicals and biocontrol agents that serve as alternative solutions for reducing the impact of chemicals on both the environment and on human health.
LyCel® nutrients are available in different forms, from liquids that can be used in bulk fermentations, to powders that are well-suited to most Renewable Chemical and Biocontrol manufacturers.
Procelys supplies its LyCel® product range in different types of packaging, including paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, PE drums, Big Bags/Super Sacks, and road tankers, all to meet the varying needs of our customers.
Procelys offers yeast nutrients that are well-suited for the renewable chemicals production of biopolymers, organic acids and bio-based building blocks, and also offers specific nutrients that match the needs of microorganisms able to clean up effluents in bioremediation applications or producing biopesticides in Biocontrol domain.
Thanks to Procelys’ expertise in fermentation, LyCel® yeast nutrients promote rapid microbial and cell growth by providing appropriate nitrogen sources and growth factors to ensure cell productivity and performance.

Quality & Controls

Performance cost in use

Robustness and reliability

REACH registered in EMEA



Form & Packaging


Fine and micro granulated powder

Bags, Cardboard boxes

Containers, Big Bags

Road tanker