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The Labs

The Labs

Procelys Applications Labs are dedicated to the study of bio-nutrients for microbial and cell culture applications. Based in Europe, North América and Asia, the three laboratories support the local customers and the yeast-based nutrients business of Procelys.
As a part of Procelys business unit, the Applications Labs have a proven expertise in new fermentation/bioprocess development along with a strong dedication for providing solutions for customer’s applications.

The Labs Expertise

Custom development of yeast products based media for specific applications

Nitrogen sources optimization for fermentation and cell culture media

Strains/cells  specific growth requirements and metabolic studies

Spent media analysis and bioprocess troubleshooting

Microbial fermentation and cell culture bioprocesses development

At the upfront of innovation for more than


Collaborating with worldwide top universities and research institutes as well as integrating the cutting edge scientific concepts and devices is one of the core values of Procelys Applications Labs in order to keep the pace with the latest progress in fermentation/cell culture science and technology.

At Procelys Labs, we care for your bioprocess performance and will provide you all expert resources required to achieve your success!