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Event’s presentation

Join us on Thursday, 28 April for the latest edition of our virtual event,

You’ll hear from three industry experts about the use of synthetic biology to optimize recombinant protein expression for the food market. The program includes:

  • An introduction to the use of fermentation in the alternative protein market
  • A presentation on Allozymes’ technology for the development of custom enzymes
  • A demonstration of how Procelys’ NuCel® products can address nutritional requirements and challenges in recombinant protein production

Three half-hour talks will be livestreamed on Thursday, 28 April from 3PM CST (Shanghai time).

the context

Global protein consumption has risen over 45% since 2000. As much as 63% of this increase has been driven by the Asia-Pacific market. This is partly due to the rapid growth in synthetic biology, which allows for the design of recombinant proteins that can be used for example in the production of alternative food products such as vegetarian and vegan meat replacements.

To keep up with the expanding market, food producers will need to stay up to date on the latest advances in industrial fermentation for food applications.

By connecting with fermentation and yeast-based nutrients experts, food producers can optimize the production of recombinant proteins in industrial fermentation, for example through the selection of a suitable nitrogen source for the fermentation process.

the program of the event

During this half-day, virtual live event, hear from industry leaders from The Good Food Institute, Allozymes and Procelys by Lesaffre.

You will gain a better understanding of the growing interest in synthetic biology for the food market in the Asia-Pacific region and learn about the importance of nitrogen sources in the fermentation process.

Viola Chen

3:00 PM to 3:30 PM CST

Fermentation for the Production of Alternative Proteins

Ms Viola Chen

The Good Food Institute, Innovation Specialist

Creating sustainable alternatives to animal-based proteins can help meet the increasing demand for protein in the next few decades. Fermentation is a key technology in the alternative protein market – either for the production of protein biomass or for specific ingredients.

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This talk will provide an introduction to the three primary ways fermentation is used in the production of alternative proteins. It will also cover the global landscape of the field, ingredient applications, investment trends, and the rising opportunities for Asia and China.

About Viola:

Viola is passionate about sustainable protein for a better future. As the Innovation Specialist for GFIC (the Good Food Institute’s strategic partner in China), she is driven to assist high-potential entrepreneurs and businesses in creating and leveraging the latest innovations in China’s alternative protein space. Moreover, Viola is working on China’s first-ever industry report on fermentation for alternative proteins, which is expected to be released in May 2022. She is also the author of the report“ 2021 China Alternative Protein Innovation Insights: Plant-based Meat”, and formerly served as Chief of Staff at GFI APAC when she led the Asia alternative protein industry map project “Asia Alt 100”

Akbar Vahidi Khalfekandi

3:30 PM to 4:00 PM CST

Advancing Enzyme Development with Microfluidics – A Next Generation Synbio Platform

Mr. Akbar Vahidi Khalfekandi

Allozymes Pte Ltd, Chief Technology Officer

Allozymes is a deep tech company in Singapore that is revolutionizing the way industry uses enzymes for the manufacturing of chemicals and natural compounds. Our rapid discovery and evolution of custom-designed enzymes enables breakthrough developments for the sustainable production of ingredients for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages.

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Allozymes’ platform technology greatly reduces enzyme development time by a factor ten, and shows a potential 200-fold increase in the chance of success for enzyme engineering, with almost no waste over the development process. We enable breakthrough developments for sustainable manufacturing and precision fermentation of ingredients for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemicals.

In this presentation, you will discover how Allozymes can address your enzyme and strain development needs with its unique technology.

About Akbar:

Akbar is a scientist-entrepreneur who got his PhD from NUS and has a decade of experience in enzyme technology and biocatalysis. During his career in academia, he delivered several industrial projects to big pharma, food and biofuel companies. He was the lead researcher in an interdisciplinary team that invented Allozymes’ technology for faster and cheaper enzyme development. Akbar then started Allozymes as co-founder and CTO, where he is applying next-generation synthetic biology platforms and futuristic solutions to solve sustainable manufacturing problems by unlocking enzymes’ potential.


4:00 PM to 4:30 PM CST

NuCel® Yeast-Based Nutrients to Address the Nutritional Requirement & Challenges in Recombinant Protein Production for Food Applications

Mr. Saiful Fazulul Haq

Procelys, Technical Support Manager Asia Pacific

Yeast-Based Nutrients (YBN), which include yeast extracts and peptones, are common ingredients in industrial media formulations for the production of various recombinant proteins. For producing high quality proteins and metabolites for food applications, feeding the microorganisms with efficient nutrients and optimizing the bioprocess development is essential. NuCel® is a specifically designed range of yeast based nutrients for the Food industry and it provides a natural source of proteins, peptides, free amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins, microelements and various growth factors.

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Procelys is one of the largest yeast based products manufacturers and provides high performing, GMO-free, animal-free, allergen free nutrients for recombinant protein production. In response to the rising demand for high quality and consistent ingredients, Procelys Applications Labs have developed bio performance assays to investigate YBN influence on different gene constructs and host microorganisms. In this presentation, you will discover how Procelys can accentuate your Industrial Manufacturing of Recombinant Proteins for Food Applications with its products and services.

About Saiful:

Saiful is responsible for developing and providing technical expertise to Procelys’ customers. He closely works with application labs, business managers and other internal stakeholders (production, marketing etc.) and he establishes regional collaborations with various international institutes/universities.

With his expertise in microbiology and fermentation he continuously generates new strategies, identifies new needs and tackles customers technical constraints.

Saiful represents Procelys at various scientific conferences, symposiums and tradeshows with technical briefs presenting yeast-based product performances.

Previously he worked as Senior Scientist in the Pharma & Food Sector where he gained expertise in biologics production, strain improvement, bio performance in bacterial, yeast and mammalian expression systems.